Research Residency Class of 2018



Standing up L to R: Chris Chappell, DO, Anna Hanson, MD, Kendall Johnson, DO, Tommel Samani, MD, Georgina Green, MD, Christopher Fotopoulos, DO
Middle L to R: Joanita Idicula, MD, Edward Christiansen, MD, Nathan Boehr, DO
Bottom L to R: Robert Kreikemeier, DO, Syed Faisal Ali, MD, Dianne Elledge, DO




Class of 2021 in Lab Coats













-Resident quotes from 2018 Annual Program Survey

“ Overall I love our residency program and- if given the choice- would choose to be a part of it again every time.”

“This is an excellent program that I would recommend to any medical student! The faculty is amazing. I will miss this program after graduating!”



Research Family Medicine Residency Program

Medical Student Elective Rotation



General Information

We are pleased that you are interested in the Family Medicine rotation at Research Family Medicine Residency Program. You will find this to be a student friendly environment. This is a one month combined outpatient and inpatient rotation for third through sixth year medical students, preferably with a career interest in Family Medicine.  Read More