Faculty of Research Family Medicine Residency

 14 Full-time Board Certified Family Physicians

   4 Part-time Board Certified Family Physicians

   2 Behavioral Scientists

   1 Education Specialist

   2 Part-time Pharm D’s from UMKC School of Pharmacy

   1 Part-time Board Certified Internal Medicine/Intensive Care and Geriatrics 

      Fellowship-trained Hospitalist


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Jennifer Tieman, MD

Interim Program Director 




Anne Sly, MD

Associate Director 

Mark Suenram, MD

Associate Director 

Jennifer Tieman, MD

Associate Director 

GTFC Clinic Director 


Donna Prill, MD
Associate Director





Kavitha Arabindoo MD

Revathi Bhat, MD

Donna Calvert, PhD


Nicholas Comninellis, MD, MPH

INMED Founder and CEO


Erica Gillette, MD

Jennifer Kelley MD

 Sandra Lepinski, MD


Shari Ommen, MD



Gazala Parvin, MD

Don Philgreen, MD

Kate Sirridge, PhD


Warren Stark, DO




Terry Suppes, DO


Samuel Teferra, MD


Casey Tramp, MD


Julie Wood-Warner, PhD