Jennifer Tieman, MD

Faculty Physician



BA biology 1993, North Central College in Naperville Illinois

MD 1998, University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine

Fellow 1997-1998, Maclean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics at University of Chicago

Residency 1998-2001,  Mount Sinai Family Practice Residency of Chicago


About me:  I am new to the Kansas City area, having moved here during the summer of 2011.  A lifelong Illinois resident prior to that, I lived in the same county in Illinois for most of my life, excepting my medical training.  After residency, I had a very busy rural practice for 10 years, practicing the full spectrum of family medicine including family-centered maternity care.  I loved practice, my wonderful wise family physician partners, and my many fascinating patients – but I had always been interested in teaching and academic practice and after 10 years in practice, decided the time was right to make a change.  Research was very appealing to me as a residency in which the full spectrum of family medicine was taught and the curriculum was academically rigorous.  I want to be part of helping train residents and students to be the most excellent family doctors they can be!

My particular areas of interest in practice are maternal-child health.  My private practice was about 75% women and children, with a relatively high volume (for a family doc) of maternity patients.  I love the anticipatory guidance and education aspect of our specialty, and maternity care and well child care give plenty of opportunity to practice that.  I also have a particular interest in breastfeeding, with which I believe family doctors are best suited to assist families since we can treat all members of the family.  I love being a part of educating residents in evidence-based practice in maternity care and delivery practices.

I also have a particular interest in medical ethics – particular doctor-patient relationship and medical decision making.  One aspect that is especially interesting to me is communication skills and methods to help patients become invested in participatory medicine, where decisions are made jointly with the patients’ goals foremost in importance.

When not working, I spend most of my time with my family.  My husband Brian is a software architect, and we have 4 children.  Our oldest, Christopher, married our lovely daughter in law Amy this summer, and they live in Iowa where they both work.  We also have Catherine, who is a senior in high school, Justin, who is 14, and Caroline who is 8.   Most of our social life revolves around the kids’ activities – particularly band.  I also play the piano, and am a lifelong runner– I’m usually training for one race or another.