Kavitha Arabindoo MD

Faculty Physician

E-mail: Kavitha.Arbindoo@Hcamidwest.com


Medical School: Chennai (Madras) Medical College, India


Residency: Wesley Family Medicine Residency Program


Board Certifications, Fellowships, Graduate Degrees: Board Certified in Family Medicine; completed a Teaching and Learning Fellowship (Academic Medicine)


Professional Areas of Interest: I enjoy practicing the breadth and width of Family Medicine, be it partnering with my patients in the management of their chronic illnesses in the outpatient clinic, taking care of them in the Intensive Care Unit in the hospital, delivering my younger patients’ babies or doing their outpatient procedures in the office.  I also thoroughly enjoy sharing this experience with the actively learning medical community, be it a 3rd year medical student in his/her first day of clinic or a 3rd year resident getting ready to leap into real life practice. I find the constant reciprocation of teaching and learning in the academic environment rejuvenating.


Family/Bio: I am happily (at least currently!) married to a good man and we have a wonderful 10 year old son whose current interests include space science, Legos, football, basketball, video games (of course!), anything and everything to do with Star Wars and questioning a significant number of his parents’ instructions.


Hobbies and Interests: Like any working mother, my hobbies and interests tend to revolve around those of my family, especially our son’s – watching his ball games, playing chess, cooking sparingly, watching PG rated movies and reading Kate Dicamillo books – she happens to be a very good author of children’s books.